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Health and Safety Policy Statement

White Fort Real Estate and General Maintenance is dedicated to providing employees and other a safe working environment on projects in which we are involved. The practice of diligence, good judgment and common sense by all project team members help to create an environment in which the incident of accidents is substantially reduced. Workers on construction sites must take responsibility of their own safety. The employers of construction workers are responsible for implementing and enforcing safety rules and regulations applicable to their specialty. By contract, subcontractors and suppliers are obligated to comply with Abu Dhabi municipality and White Fort safety standards / regulations governing the conducts of their particulars trades and operations. The goals of White Fort as follows:

  • ZERO Near Misses
  • ZERO Injuries
  • ZERO Recordable injury rates
  • ZERO Lost time
  • ZERO Fires
  • ZERO Hazardous materials

The key elements to achieve this goal for the White Fort safety program are as follows

  • Adherence to all safety program policies, procedures with Abu Dhabi Municipality.
  • 100% fall protection is required for all exposures over 1.8meters (6 feet) including all external painting and roof work.
  • 100% eye protection – prescription eye wear with side shields or ANSI Z- 87.1 protective safety glasses with built inside shields.
  • Risk assessments (RA’s) are to completed and submitted to White Fort prior to beginning critical work defined as but not limited to excavations, trenching, & shoring, sewer and all underground piping tasks, Blasting, confined space entry, fall protection, steel erection and Decking placement, Roof installation, Concrete slab installation, Sliding installation, Glazing operations & Lock out/tag out etc.
  • Contractors shall provide a competent and/or qualified person for work operations as identified by Abu Dhabi Municipality.
  • White Fort and subcontracting employers on the project will uniformly enforce a disciplinary action plan for employees who fail to work in safe manner

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